Natalie Sinclair

Wildlife Biologist

Hey there! I’m a marine biologist and conservationist based in beautiful Scotland. I’m lucky enough to be pursuing my passion for understanding our oceans and their inhabitants as a PhD student at the University of St Andrews.

My current research focuses on the incredible humpback whales and their songs, looking at how their cultural evolution has played out in the Northern Atlantic and South Pacific oceans. It’s a fascinating subject that keeps me curious and motivated every day!

I got my Master of Science degree from the University of Glasgow, where I was honoured to receive the Graham Kerr Memorial Prize for Excellence in Marine Science. Since then, I’ve had the privilege of working with a wide variety of animals, always seeking out non-invasive ways to study their behaviour and monitor their conservation status. For example, I’ve used bioacoustics to help protect threatened water birds and seals in Scotland.

One of my proudest achievements was my work with Scottish Natural Heritage, where I helped implement remote time-lapse photography to monitor seabird colonies in the Northern Isles of Scotland. We uncovered some truly amazing behaviour patterns that had previously gone unnoticed!

I love bringing people together and exploring the intersection between different fields. That’s why I’m so passionate about interdisciplinary research and working with colleagues from biology, music, philosophy, and beyond.

When I’m not busy with research, I’m always looking for ways to give back to the community and inspire others to get involved in science. I’ve volunteered extensively across Scotland and beyond, working with organizations like the Dundee Science Centre and Wild Bannockburn. I was also thrilled to co-organize the 2018 International Women and Girls in Science Lecture at the University of St Andrews.

And finally, I’m proud to say that I’m a National Geographic Explorer as a 2019 National Geographic Early Career Grantee. It’s been an incredible honour to be part of such an inspiring community of scientists and explorers!

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