Public Engagement Projects

My sustained commitment to widening access and public engagement in science has recently been recognised with the University of St Andrews School of Biology Public Outreach Award 2021. Below are details of my active and past public engagement projects in which I either lead or have been a core member of the leading team.

Wild Bannockburn and the BackYard BioBlitz

The Bannockburn BioBlitz is a free to attend community wildlife event utilising the app iNaturalist to document the biodiversity in our area.

Alongside this I am establishing ‘Wild Bannockburn’ a hub for wildlife and conservation events in this area.

Partly supported by iNaturalist and National Geographic.

Find out more at

Songs and Silence

Songs and Silence is an interdisciplinary project which approaches the critical issue of anthropogenic threats to wildlife from an artistic and affective perspective, underpinned by scientific understanding.

As a marine biologist and conservationist currently specialising in humpback whale song evolution, I will work alongside Lisa Hall an environmental humanities researcher specialising in interspecies ethics and Neja Berger, a new media artist who interweaves contemporary sociological issues into her work.

Sea Symphonies: Songs of the South Pacific

Sea Symphonies presented innovative and interactive opportunities to learn more about the latest research on humpback whale songs.

As evaluation lead I worked closely with information and media designers to create interactive exhibitions and evaluation materials for the Dundee Science Centre Exhibit part funded by the Royal Society and University of St Andrews.

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